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employee recognition pins
employee pins
recognition pins
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employee pins
recognition pins
employee recognition pins

Employee Recognition Pins

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Recognition Pins, hat and ribbon pins are widely used by employers to give their employees a sense of identity. These employee pins serve to let the public and customers know that the person wearing these recognition pins on their lapels, shirts or hats is there to serve them and answer any questions. These pins are a valuable marketing tool as well as serving the purpose of establishing a sense of belonging for your employees. Since these employee recognition pins are custom made to your specifications, they tend to be works of art, and can be highly treasured pieces due to the work and craftsmanship that goes into making employee pins. But there's more to employee pins than for the simple use of identity and belonging. You can get custom made employee recognition pins. These items make great motivational tools, because it's important to recognize the achievements of your employees. It boosts morale, and encourages employee engagement. You can reward employee loyalty with recognition pins given to employees who've been with you for five years or more. You can recognize employees who've had exemplary attendance. You can reward employees who've gone a certain amount of time without an accident. The potential for employee recognition seems to know no bounds.

Of course you have your choice of pins and how they're made. You can get cloisonne pins that are made through a cut die. The image is then stamped on a sheet of copper or brass. Powdered colors are then added, one at a time for firing, which prevents bleeding. The pins will then be polished and plated. Soft enamel pins use a stamping process which leaves raised areas and indentations. Color is then added to the indentations and then fired for curing. Die struck pins are made through stamping and then cutting with molds. Raised areas are polished and recessed areas are left with a sandblasted look. Offset printing prints the design directly on the pin. Photo etched lapel pins have the surface areas etched by a computer. Silk screen pins are printed with the use of a silk screen.

We custom make your pins to your specifications. Call us at 877-503-8486 or click the free quote link, and we'll get you started.

With every Employee Recognition Pins order you receiving the following:

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  • Free Design Consultation
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  • 10 Day Production
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